New York

New York - this city goes by the name The Big Apple. It is America's most populous city and home to the world's major commercial and financial institutions....

1. Cruise to Liberty Island and get up close to the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the world's famous and most photographed statues. Hands down, it's in every traveler's list upon landing in New York.

Statue of Liberty,Liberty Island, New York

Tip: Prebook your ticket and get the early morning option to avoid the crowd. Include the side trip to the adjoining Ellis Island too which was once an immigration facility. 

Statue of Liberty,Liberty Island, New York USA

A cruise not only offers a ride to Liberty Island but presents impressive views of Manhattan.

Manhattan from Statue of Liberty,Liberty Island

To help you gain insights to its history, we recommend you get on of those guided tours with small groups.

 Statue of Liberty Cruise ,Liberty Island, New York

There's a quite a few steps to go thru once you get inside the Statue of Liberty. The space may be a bit cramped depending on the time you get in there with the crowd. 

Face of Statue of Liberty,Liberty Island

Finally, allow for at least half a day when planning this itinerary. Apart from the Statue of Liberty as its main attraction, the area is quite spacious too for a relaxing day. Bring some snacks and savour in the panoramic views of New York City.

Or go for a stroll around the area.

2. Stand out among the crowd at the famed New York's Time Square.

This public space is popularised in many movies and is always featured at every New Year's Eve celebration or countdown. What makes it even special is that it sits in the heart of New York City.

Times Square, New York, USA

Tip: You will expect a crowd at New York's Time Square but give it a shot in the early morning hours if you want to avoid them.

Times Square, New York, USA

However, late afternoon is probably the best time to visit as the pulsing lights of the large billboards combine with the sunset forming a picturesque view.

Times Square, New York, US

There's always something going on but be wary of impersonators as posing for a picture or two warrants a 'donation'. 

Times Square Impersonators, New York

The area is always bustling and energetic but is pedestrian friendly.

Times Square, New York

Being in close proximity to Broadway Center, you may elect to buy some ticket shows after relaxing at this area. And if you're hungry, restaurants and cafes which suit every budget are just nearby.

Times Square Hard Rock Cafe, New York

3.  Dine at The Observatory Tower at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

The Observatory Tower does not only offer sweeping stunning views of New York City; they also have a bar and a restaurant offering delectable cuisine.

Fine Dining at One World Observatory Tower, New York


Lower Manhattan View from One World Observatory

Tip: Combine this experience for an early dinner and you'll be treated with an impressive sunset beaming thru New York.

Sunset in New York

It's a perfectly relaxing activity too as you gaze thru Liberty Island, the Hudson River, Lower Manhattan and even the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Brooklyn Bridge from One World Observatory, New York

You'll get to see the Empire State Building too from a different perspective, so certainly not a view to be missed.

Empire State Building from One World Observatory

When booking your tickets, allow for some travel time dealing with traffic as the area easily gets busy.

4. Visit the Grand Central Terminal.

It's one of the busiest train stations in the world that caters to more than half-a-million visitors and commuters each day. 

Grand Central Station, New York

It's one of New York's finest display of engineering and architecture and has been featured a lot in movies, tv shows, etc. 

Tip: You can enter the Grand Central Station at your own for free!

However, as much as it carries so much history, you can be better off paying for a local guide or just an audio to take you around the station. 

There are cafes and food stalls within the station too. Finally, why not hop on the train to take you to the next nearby station as a one-off experience.

5. Visit the Rockefeller Center.

This area which now displays modern art and architecture is a product of John Rockefeller's vision of a cultural center in the heart of New York.

Rockefeller Center in New York

It's famous skating rink and Christmas tree stands tall come Christmas time.

Rockefeller Center New York

Tip: Why not pair your visit to the Rockefeller Center with a visit to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck? It offers beautiful views of New York City and with the Empire State Building as an added backdrop.

New York from Rockefeller Observatory Deck

However, do check the weather forecast prior to booking your tickets as low-lying clouds can easily obstruct the city views.

New York City from Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is also located near 5th Avenue which is renowned for its expensive and luxury shops. So if you enough cash to spare, you can shop till you drop in the area.

Shopping and Dining at Rockefeller Center New York

There are also quite a few restaurants and cafes offering good food and drinks if you decide to take a breather.

Dining at Rockefeller Center New York

It's a famous tourist hub so be prepared to take in the crowd. 

Rockefeller Center

6. Check out The Oculus.

The Oculus is an impressive work of art offering an extensive indoor public space.

The Oculus New York

It also doubles up as a shopping center and is a close neighbour of the One World Trade Center Tower.

Tip: Pay a visit to this modern-day architectural wonder when you’re planning to check out the One World Trade Center.

The Oculus and One World Trade Center, New York

Its interior and exterior design is simply stunning and blends beautifully with the One World Trade Center.

The Oculus New York City

7. Visit the 9/11 Memorial.

This memorial is a reminder of one of the saddest moments in modern history not only for the United States but the entire world too. It honours nearly 3000 lives lost in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on the 11th of September 2001.

New York World Trade Center Memorial

Tip: There are still great emotions running in when you visit the area. Be mindful to those who are offering their respects to their loved ones.

9/11 Memorial

There’s a ticketed museum nearby dedicated to the 9/11 event which gives further details to this dreadful day, from survivor stories to acts of heroism.

8. Get inside the famed Madison Square Garden.

Also known as The Garden or simply MSG, it is the oldest arena or sports facility in New York. It catered to some of the greatest sporting events in modern times as well as record breaking concerts and shows.

Madison Square Garden

Tip: Why not purchase a ticket to see the New York Rangers play the game of ice-hockey or watch the New York Knicks in a live NBA game as a side event while you’re in New York?

Madison Square Garden, New York

Or maybe check if there’s a concert or show happening around?

Madison Square Garden, NY

However, if these options are not appealing to you, you can still purchase a ticket to get inside The Garden.

Madison Square Garden, NYC

Check what this modern sports facility can offer and the events that shaped it to become one of the most popular venues in the world.

New York Knicks Locker Room

9. Hop on to a Big Bus Tour and get around the Big Apple.

Visiting a big city like New York can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. Tour companies like the Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus Tours are a perfect option for exploring the major city attractions. It’s very relaxed and convenient which you can easily manage at your own pace.

New York City Big Bus Tour

Tip: Get the tickets for both the Downtown and Uptown Routes so you can cover New York in its entirety.

New York Big Bus Tour

Start early particularly when you’re visiting during peak times. Allow at least 2 days to see and explore what New York has to offer.

Hudson Yards,New York Big Bus Tour

10. Take a walk at Central Park.

Central Park covers more than 800 acres of greenery and sits in the heart of Manhattan, New York. It’s beautifully kept and will most likely make you feel that you’re not visiting a big city like New York.

Central Park New York

Tip: A visit to Central Park allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. There’s so much to do in the area such as having a picnic, taking a stroll or perhaps renting a bike to explore the vast area.

Early morning or late afternoon visits offer the perfect time for a visit. Finally, consider using a map as 800 acres of land is not at all easy to navigate