Four things to do in St. Andrews

This Scottish town has it all: a university, a historic cathedral whose ruins stood the test of time and is synonymous to golf. Add to that, it's where the famous British Royals, Prince William and Kate met and started their love story...

1. Step into history and visit the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrews Cathedral used to be the largest cathedral in all of Scotland.

It is massive that historians has it that it took more than 500 years to build.

Tip: Public access to this historic place is free!

Immerse yourself with this medieval church and take a complete stroll within the area to appreciate its sheer size.

Breathtaking ocean views are also a bonus as you make your way to this historic site.

Just like in any other popular tourist destination, parking can become an issue so be prepared to park a few hundred meters away from the site and do a short walk.


2. Visit the University of St. Andrews

St. Andrews University is an integral part of the town.

Surely, it became even more popular because this is where Prince William and Kate Middleton attended school.

Tip: Public access to the university grounds is free! Several outstanding buildings dominate the university complex. 

It's unique atmosphere and its impressive campus makes you wanna go back to university or college again. 

Right across the road is Northpoint Cafe where 'Kate met Wills'.

A visit to this renowned university is best combined with a visit to St Andrews Cathedral.


3. Drop by the Martyrs' Monument

This big obelisk stands tall in this little town commemorating those who died for their religion back in the 1500's. 

Tip: Its location makes a perfect stop-over for a relaxing view of the town's beautiful coastline.

You can also watch people gather and play golf at St Andrews Links.

You can also go for a scenic walk around the area. It's a nice place for personal reflection too.


4. Pay homage to the Home of Golf:  St Andrews Links

Mention golf and this place easily comes to mind. Some people call this as a Golfer's Paradise owing to its rich history which spans more than 600 years.

Tip: If time is on your side, why not drop by and play some golf although you have to get your reservations early. It may come in a bit pricey but is definitely worth doing if golf is your thing. Otherwise, just pop in and enjoy the impressive landscape.