Our top 4 things to do in Florence

Florence - it is Tuscany's capital and is world-famous for being the haven of Renaissance works, arts and Architecture....

1. Step inside Florence’s Academia Gallery

Anyone who is a great fan of arts will certainly put this in his or her bucket list. It's widely known as the home of Michelangelo's iconic and towering Statue of David. 

It was once part of an art school which also displays the works of renowned artists like Filippo Lippi and del Sarto.

Tip: The lines to enter the museum is notoriously long all-year round so we suggest you purchase your tickets in advance and opt for the 'fast-tracked' option.

You certainly don't want to spend majority of your time standing outside the museum and rather spend most of it admiring the great Renaissance works of art.

While the Statue of David dominate the art displays, there are also displays of Michelangelo's other 'unfinished' works.


2. Walk around Brunelleschi’s Dome (Duomo)

Brunelleschi’s Dome or Duomo as it's popularly referred to dominates Florence skyline.

Walk around this beautiful cathedral adorned with multi-coloured marble.

Tip: Check the gold-plated 'Gates of Paradise' at the main gate of the Baptistry of Florence.

There's also an option to go up the Duomo but you have to walk up 400+ steps. While it's exhausting, you'll be rewarded with the majestic views of the city of Florence.


3. Explore Signoria Square

Signoria Square offers a free open air display of Renaissance works of art complemented with beautiful fountains.

Once the political heart of Florence, it features amazing displays of sculptures and almost every Roman god is represented.

Tip: The area is surrounded by good cafes and shops notably those selling leather and gold which Florence is also known for. Shops with the luxury brand names are also in the area and could be worth checking out.


4. Piazzale Michelangelo

Perched on a hill outside of the city centre of Florence, the area is decorated with bronze replicas of the Statue of David.

Access to the area is either by car or a walk of about 2-3kms from downtown Florence.

Tip: This is definitely the place to be if you're after the best panoramic views of Florence --- and it's free! You may opt to start or end your day with the impressive views atop this piazza.