Things to do in Bristol

Another major port-city that played a key role for maritime trading for England and Europe...

1. St Mary Redcliffe Church

One of the earliest churches built in England in the Saxon era and was believed to have stood for over 800 years.

The design combines elegant Gothic Architecture with a shades of Medieval stained glass art.

Queen Elizabeth I once described this as the fairest parish church in England.

Tip: This church is a real Bristol Landmark and definitely ranks high among the great examples of combined Gothic architecture and Medieval design.

It's free and worth visiting if you're up for some reflection and contemplation and at the same time be mesmerised by the beautiful interior design. 


2. Castle Park

A beautiful park bang on in Bristol's City Centre.

Tip: Here lies the ruins of St. Peter's Church where it's a fitting memorial to those who died in the Blitz during the World War 2.

The park is generally well-maintained and is a perfect spot for lazy afternoons complimented with beautiful water views.