1. Visit the CN Tower.

CN Tower holds the title as the tallest free-standing tower in the world.

Tip: Purchase your ticket to CN Tower’s Observatory Deck and be welcomed with an amazing 360-degree view of the city skyline.

The view expands to the ocean where you can actually the earth’s curvature.

The observatory deck also features a glass floor where you can literally see how high are you located off the ground.

It’s by far one of Toronto’s top tourist attraction so we recommend that you buy your tickets before hand. You may want to consider an early start too so you beat the crowd.

One other recommendation before your visit is to check the weather forecast as access to the Observatory Deck ceases during windy condition.

You may also feel the tower sway a bit so you might consider that too if you have building motion sickness.

2.Watch the Toronto Blue Jays play at the Rogers Centre

Rogers’ Centre is home to two-time Major League Baseball World Champions – the Toronto Blue Jays.

It’s conveniently located next to the CN Tower and is easily accessible by public transportation.

Tip: If you love baseball and happen to be in Toronto, why not grab a ticket and watch the Toronto Blue Jays play. The game offers a festive atmosphere especially on a Sunday.

Even if you’re not a sports-fan, it’s an experience worth trying and you will gain an appreciation of how the People from the North support their home teams.

3. Relax at Toronto's Town Hall Square

The town hall square offers a relaxed atmosphere for the public surrounded with modern buildings and landscape along with its beautiful and historic City Hall.

Tip: Following perhaps a long day of venturing around Toronto, why not grab some snacks or street foods and relax at the Town Hall Square.

The area features the famous Toronto sign combined with a flare of water jets choreographed from a fountain.

A visit to this area is free and an easy fit for a travel itinerary.

The area is also perfect for late afternoons particularly for photography once the sunset draws in.

There’s a nearby shopping mall along with cafes and restaurants too in case you opt to go for a lunch or dinner.

4. Wander around the Central Business District

A visit to Toronto won’t be complete without exploring the city’s Central Business District.

There’s a light rail transit that connects to it or buses if you fancy one.

Or better yet, take a short walk and be entertained by the mixture of modern-day skyscrapers and historic but impressive buildings.

Tip: Toronto built its name around cultural diversity and this is on display when you go and check out the Central Business District.

Apart from its shopping malls, there’s also a strip which somehow mimics New York’s Time Square.

There are a lot of dining options in the area to consider too or shopping places like Eaton Centre.

 We suggest an early morning walk along with your camera or a smart phone for amazing photo opportunities in the city.

An early start means not only enjoying the fresh air but also  walking around the city uninterrupted by the crowd.

or if walking is troublesome for your knees or feet, there are bikes for hire to assist you.

5. Discover Toronto’s Underground City

Canada is widely known for its extreme weather conditions and Toronto is not spared from it. So the city decided to build its underground infrastructure to what is now known as the ‘Underground City’. It stretches to every major point in the city therefore allowing its people to do their normal day-to-day activities without being interrupted by the harsh weather conditions.


Toronto’s Underground City perhaps laid the foundation for other major cities around the world to follow in terms of public infrastructure. If you’re visiting the area without a tour guide or a local, we recommend that you take a map with you to ensure that you arrive at your intended destination stress-free.

The area offers some shopping and restaurants too. It conveniently connects to some of the major hotels and other tourist spots so it’s worth considering it as part of your itinerary especially if you plan a walking tour.