Things to do in Patmos

A popular pilgrimage and a world heritage site, it is Greece's holy island and widely known as the place where the Book of Revelations was written by St. John...

Visit the Cave of the Apocalypse

This place is popularly as the site where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations.

Tip: There's a bit of walk to get to the cave and depending on your time of visit, it can get crowded especially at midday.

The place is quite serene and you can almost feel a sense of spirit while exploring the area. Photography is not allowed inside.


Walk up the hill and visit the Monastery of St. John

The monastery was built to honour St. John the Apostle and this place is one of the reasons why travellers visit Patmos.

Tip: The monastery is situated atop a hill and some may find the steep uphill walk a bit daunting. We suggest you take a bus ride to save time and perhaps effort. There's also a museum nearby where there are impressive displays of historical religious artefacts. The area is a bit tight and can be a bit crowded so you may consider an early visit. Or you do your visit late in the afternoon and pair it with beautiful sunset views from atop the hill.