1. York Minster

It's widely considered as the biggest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe and a great example of Medieval architecture.

It has a nicely decorated interior and pretty stained-glass windows.

Tip: One of the top attractions to do when you're travelling across England or the United Kingdom.

It can be a stopover on a road trip or simply a day trip from London. If you're getting inside the cathedral, we suggest that you pre-book your tickets.

We also recommend that you check the weather to ensure that the beautiful architecture design of the cathedral is complimented with a sunny day to get that perfect photo opportunity.


2. The Shambles

Shambles - once the ancient street of the Butchers of York, it's now lined up with beautiful shops particularly if you're a big fan of Harry Potter.

Tip: The streets take you back to the history and character of York.

It's particularly busy during the days especially with shoppers so it's a good idea to check the area early or later in the day.

This is also Harry Potter Land so it's the place to buy your Harry Potter collectible especially the magic wand!


3. Hadrian's Wall

Named after Roman Emperor Hadrian, this wall stretches close 80 miles and was used to fortify the old Britain from the barbarians.

Tip: It's literally a wall (so manage your expectations) that covers a long stretch so it can be accessible at several locations in Northern England.

The wall was built 2000 years ago so the ruins definitely show its age and may have some missing sections. It may be perfect for a walk on a good day following a trail of this historic wall.