Main things to see in Maine

A small state but it leaves three Maine things with you: lobsters, blueberries and christmas trees...

We crossed the border from Canada to get to the USA, stopping over at Bar Harbor, Maine for a couple of days. Didn't know the 9th least populous out of 50 states would be supplying the rest of the country with three things: 


1. Lobsters are everywhere

Tens of millions of lobsters are caught off the coast of Maine, which are then distributed across the country, accounting for 90% of USA's lobster supply. This is where to be if you are a fan of lobsters. They are everywhere in Maine. You will not know only find lobsters in restaurants. They are in souvenir shops, statues, signages and even ice cream! Yep, Maine has a lobster ice cream.

A lobster, potato and corn in a pot


2. Christmas Trees

Also known as the Pine Tree State, over 80% of the total land in Maine is covered with forests and uninhabited. Across these forests you will see a very familiar looking tree - the christmas tree. These trees are being cut off and locals in Maine travel all the way to New York to sell these trees during November and December.

Christmas trees by the Winter Harbor


3. Blueberries

Thanks to the 80% forested, uninhabited lands of Maine, about 99% of USA's blueberries are produced in the Pine Tree State. So if you are a big fan of lobsters and blueberries, you might want to start packing your bags and relocate to Maine!


4. Stay in Bar Harbor

We stayed in Harborside Hotel during our visit. The place was nice and clean and was very close to the Pier, which was filled with nice restaurants, cafes and lobster ice cream!

Docking area of Bar Harbor

You can walk across the Agamont park which is just 10 mins walk from the hotel.

Francis taking a photo of the sunset in Agamont Park, Bar Harbor

Walk along the Bar Harbor coast to appreciate the views from Uncle Steve's Point.

Frances standing on the stones along the Bar Harbor coast


5. Cruise along Winter Harbor

From Ellis Pier, there are several cruising boats you can take which will take you to the Winter Harbor, composed of several islands.

Cruise along Winter Harbor islands on a nice day

See the Egg Rock Lighthouse where a lot of seals hang out.

Egg Rock Lighthouse during a nice day

Can you spot them lazy seals?

Seals lying on the rocks by the Egg Rock Lighthouse

Spot the bald eagle sitting on the peaks of christmas trees on the Ironbound Island.

Encircled the bald eagle sitting on the peak of the Christmas trees


6. Visit the Acadia National Park

Southwest of the Bar Harbor is an American national park where you will see mountains, an ocean coastline, forests, ponds and wetlands, known as the National Acadia Park. 

Walking path along the Acadia National Park

Here's the beautiful Sand Beach that belongs to the Acadia National Park.

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

And here's the famous Thunder Hole of Acadia National Park. It got its name from waves crashing with a thunderous boom and high-flying foam when the seas are up, hence creating a natural rock inlet as you can see in the photo.

Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park


7. Check out the peak of the Cadillac Mountain

The Cadillac Mountain is one of 20 that were pushed up by earth's tectonic and volcanic forces millions of years ago. It's about 500 metres high and overlooking the Frenchman Bay. It was very windy when we got to the top, but the views were just magnificent.

Peak of Cadillac Mountain

The Cadillac mountain overlooking the Frenchman Bay. Couldn't resist taking a photo with the amazing views behind.

Frances standing on the peak of Cadillac mountain

Francis at the peak of the Cadillac mountain