Los Angeles

Los Angeles - the City of Angels. It's synonymous to Hollywood and is the centre of film and television industry....

1. Take a stroll at Hollywood Boulevard.

A trip to Los Angeles will never be complete without a visit to the world-famous Hollywood Boulevard. This street is home to Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame

Tip: Find your favourite celebrity's star in Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame

Follow it up with a search of their hand and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Or take a sneak peek of the Hollywood sign

Hollywood sign from Hollywood Boulevard

This place always attracts a crowd so try and get in early preferably in the morning.

Hollywood Boulevard Crowd

And a word of advice with your favourite superhero's impersonators and anyone who's giving you their cd's: they expect you to give them $10 after a photo is taken with them or after you receive their cd's.

Hollywood Boulevard Superheroes

2. Rent a Ferrari or a Lamborghini in Hollywood Boulevard and drive it all the way to the famous Hollywood sign.

Tip: There's a parade of luxury on Hollywood Boulevard which is always an eye-catcher and seeks attention. To add to this, they're actually for rent! 

Lamborghini Hollywood Boulevard for rent

So why not spare just over a hundred bucks and start kicking tires with perhaps your dream car. They come in different luxury lines --- Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW among others. 

Lamborghini and Ferrari Hollywood Boulevard LA

Start driving it along Hollywood Boulevard!


Rent a Lamborghini in Hollywood Boulevard



Drive a Ferrari along Hollywood Boulevard

and race all the way to the famous Hollywood sign....

Lamborghini and Ferrari race to Hollywood sign

Lamborghini and Ferrari Hollywood LA

3. Visit the Universal Studios Hollywood.

It's a working film studio and a theme park rolled into one. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Los Angeles

Tip: Allow for a full day for a visit to this film studio / theme park. It's always a crowd drawer all year round.

Universal Studios Hollywood LA

To maximise your visit, grab a VIP Ticket or equivalent such as one with a 'Skip-the-Line' option.

Universal Studios Hollywood Los Angeles

This allows you to go through the rides and attractions without the hassle of standing forever in the queue.

Universal Studios LA

Aside from visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, don't forget to grab your Butterbeer!

Harry Potter's Butterbeer

Harry Potter's Butterbeer Universal Studios

Have a photo taken with the young wizards too...

Harry Potter Wizards

Finally, make sure go behind the movie scenes and do the Studio Tour.

Studio Tour Universal Studios

Studio Tour Universal Studios Los Angeles

Get a glimpse of the actual sets used in some of the famous Hollywood movies like the legendary Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

The legendary Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Grinch who stole Christmas

The Grinch that stole Christmas Movie Set

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

4. Drop by the Staples Center in Downtown LA.

This is home to LA's sporting teams like the LA Lakers and Clippers of the NBA, LA Sparks from the WNBA and LA Kings from NHL. 

Staples Center LA

Statues of LA's famous sporting icons such as Magic Johnson,

Staples Center Magic Johnson

Oscar dela Hoya,

Staples Center Oscar de la Hoya

Wayne Gretzsky,

Staples Center LA Wayne Gretzky

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Jerry West

Staples Center LA, Jerry West

all stand proud outside the arena.

Tip: Check the home games when you're in town and why not spend sometime watching either the NBA or NHL.

5. Grab a bite at Farmers Market.

Farmers Market LA

Tip: If you're on a bus tour, this place is a perfect lunch or snack stopover. It offers a wide range of food options that's ideally suited for all dietary options and budget.

6. Buy your tickets for a Double-Decker Bus sightseeing tour.

Tip: Start the tour early.

Hollywood Tour

If time is not on your side, this tour option fits the bill.

LA Hollywood Tour

And it's on a relaxed pace too but will easily fill in the gaps of your LA travel plans.

LA Hollywood Tour

While there are quite a few LA city bus sightseeing tours, the option we recommend is the one which starts and ends in Hollywood Boulevard.

Beverly Hills Los Angeles

It will go around Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Melrose Avenue and stops in Farmers Market for a quick bite. 

Beverly Hills LA

It also has the tour option to go to the famous Hollywood sign.

Hollywood Sign