Things to do in Bath

Widely known as the home to the world-famous Roman Baths and is approximately 3 hours away from London...

Roman Baths

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a top-rated tourist attraction not only in England but in all of the United Kingdom.

Tip: As popular as it is, you would expect a crowd at any given day.

We suggest that you purchase your tickets before hand and try to aim for an early visit. This ensures that you get ample time to enjoy and explore or move around the place at your own pace.

Just a word of caution - it's not advisable to dip into the water or better yet, touch it.


Bath Abbey

One of the great medieval church in England and was believed to have taken more than a century to build.

Tip: Its location makes a perfect compliment when you're visiting the Roman Baths.

While gaining entry asks for a 'donation', this abbey packs a great history of the people of Bath and stunning examples of Gothic architecture.