1. Enter the Notre Dame Basilica.

This stands as Montreal's most popular landmark owing to its intricately designed interior and stained glasses.

It also made the headlines in the 1990's when one of Canada's famous singer, Celine Dion, got married here.

Tip: Being Montreal's most popular tourist hotspot, it always attracts a long queue. So purchase your tickets before hand and get the 'skip-the-line' option.

The church also closes its doors in the late afternoon for its services so be sure to check the schedule too. 

There's just endless photo opportunities with its impressive interior design so be sure to check the four corners of the church. 

Outside the church is Montreal's renowned public square, Place d'Armes.

where Montreal's founder is proudly commemorated.

Cafes and restaurants are also nearby.

2. Explore Montreal's Old Port.

Next to St. Lawrence River, it offers a long stretch of area for fun and activities.

Be it riding a bike, walking, getting on the ferris wheel or just simply hanging out with it beautiful river views.

Tip: There's a lot of walking involved when exploring the area.

So ensure you wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

There's a clock tower with the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the background.

As you take off from the port, there's also quite a few historical buildings leading you to Old Montreal area.

3. Pay homage to St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal.

A large, magnificent cathedral yet has a very spiritual setting .

Tip: Getting to the top to see this gigantic shrine involves a bit climbing a few hundred steps. But don't despair as there's a free shuttle that takes you to the main entrance at the back of the church. 

The view from the top is impressive, looking down Southern Montreal. There's a museum too that you can visit.

4. Take a stroll to Downtown Montreal.

Tip: Montreal has a lot of history, past and present, and it's on display where ever you go to the corners of the city.

From heritage buildings,

to places like the artsy Palais des Congres, 

a modern convention centre 

with a vast underground public space littered with shops and restaurants

to a replica of St. Peter's Basilica, 

with an impressive interior design

to modern buildings like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

or just simply the cobbled streets of the city.