1. St. Nicolas Church

Another English cathedral that carries so much history during the Medieval, Vikings and Roman times. It's conveniently located at the heart of Durham's market square.

Tip: People attending to the church visitors are vey hospitable and welcoming. Use of non-flash cameras is one of the church rules for photography when you get inside. Check the church schedule before paying a visit as you may be locked out and would only savour the church exterior. There's also a gift shop which offers non-pricey souvenir items.


2. Durham Cathedral

This UNESCO world heritage listed cathedral stands out as one of the finest examples of medieval architecture and has been a place of Christian worship for more than a 1000 years.

It's decorated with beautifully stained glasses and magnificent display of interior design.

Tip: The church is open to the public but you're generally asked for a donation. There are also on-going church services so it pays to check the mass schedule prior to a visit.

There's a nearby cafe for a quick bite or coffee and a gift shop too. While the cathedral's interior is perfect for photography, use of non-flash cameras are required. 

Allow for at least an hour for a worthwhile visit.


3. Explore the town centre

There's a lot to see in this small English town which includes mostly heritage structures. Lifestyle during the medieval ages is reflected in almost every corner. 

Tip: Check their market for local produce as well as their local cafes.

This town is a perfect stop-over for a quick break when you're touring the rest of the UK.