1. Take a trip to Niagara Falls.

Niagara is a short drive from Toronto made famous by the world-wonder Niagara Falls. 

Niagara Falls is hands-down in a traveller’s bucket list.

It’s a sight to behold and is an ever popular tourist attraction.

Tip: We recommend a full day itinerary or better yet an overnight stay in the town centre itself where it’s lined up with some of the popular names in the hotel industry.

The sort of itinerary we suggest consists of a ferry ride to get you and personal with the Niagara Falls.

Follow it up with a helicopter ride 

and get an aerial view of this spectacular natural wonder

as well as the beautiful town.

We also suggest that you book these activities before hand. You may top the visit off with a short stroll off the view deck at the same time enjoying a snack or two.

2. Explore the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-lake.

This tiny little historic town is often overshadowed by the Niagara Falls and has gardens as well as a 19th century military fort.

Tip: Its location makes a perfect stopover if you're on your way to see the Niagara Falls.

This town is also proud of its heritage as shown with its preserved historic buildings.

The streets are beautifully lined with trees which gives you that natural breath of fresh air.