1. Take an uphill walk and wander around the Parliament Hills.

The area presents a collection of Gothic-designed buildings sitting atop a hill. 

It overlooks the Ottawa River with views of the Alexandra Bridge, Notre Dame Basilica, to name a few. 

Tip: There’s always something going on in the Parliament Hills which attracts tourists and ranges from Light Shows or ceremonies of national significance.

Standing tall among all the buildings is the Peace Tower.

Apart from buildings, there are memorials too.

However, Summer presents the perfect time to visit the area as sightings of the Mounties or the Canadian Mounted Police are quite common. There’s also the popular Changing of the Guard but you have to get in early to secure a perfect spot.

The area also offers several vantage points where beautiful panoramic views stretch to the entire city, Ottawa River and Gatineau.

with such a lot of space to walk around.

Ensure you wear comfortable walking shoes and perhaps take water to get yourself hydrated as getting around this area easily takes an hour or two.

2. Stop by the Rideau Canal on your way to the Parliament Hills.

Rideau Canal is a famed shallow waterway which stretches to approximately 200kms and connects Ottawa and Kingston.

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and come winter, the canal is converted to an ice rink, perfect for one of Canada’s favourite past-time ---- skiing.

Tip: Mark this area as part of your walking tour when you get up the Parliamentary Hills.

The canal is sandwiched with landmark historic buildings on both sides.

It’s also a dividing line of what is fondly called as the Upper and Lower town of Central Ottawa. The canals’ banks are spacious for a relaxing stroll especially at late afternoons in anticipation of the sunset.

3. Visit the Hull area of Gatineau.

This area sits opposite the Parliament Hills across the Ottawa River. It offers good views of notable attractions such as the Parliament Hills, Fairmont Hotel, Alexandra Bridge among others from a different standpoint.

It is also where the Canadian Museum of History is located.

Tip: Hop on to this area to see the Parliament hills from another angle. You'll get to enjoy good views of the Alexandra Bridge too.

This place is perfect for an afternoon rest and perhaps just soaking in the beauty of the Ottawa River and the tourist attractions surrounding it.

4. Why not consider a road trip to the city of Kingston.

Kingston is the oldest city in Ontario and often revered as the 'Limestone City' owing to its historic buildings of the 19th century.

The city hall itself is a shining example.

Tip: Kingston is approximately a 2-hour drive from Ottawa.

Though it's one of the little cities of Canada, the area is vibrant and sits by the lake.

It's perfect for families or anyone who's looking to unwind the hustle and bustle of the big city life.