Top 6 things to do in London

Not only is this city the capital of England and one of the most populous city in Europe but also always on the top list of travellers from all over the world...

1. Buckingham Palace

Think British royalty and Buckingham Palace immediately comes to mind. It's the official residence of the British Royal Family and has such a rich history.

Tip: It's simply a must do when you're in London and if you arrive on time, you can catch a glimpse of the Changing of the Guard. There's always a crowd so you may have to be patient for photo opportunities. There are also tour options that allows you to explore the palace interior but have to be booked before hand. And in case it's your lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the British Royal Family.


2. Big Ben

One of London's proud symbol and cultural icon. It ranks high as one of the world's popular clock tower embedded into gothic architecture. 

Tip: Check first if the site is under construction prior to your visit; otherwise you'll be greeted with scaffolding and construction works which will definitely leave you disappointed. But in the absence of all of this, the clock tower is a behold to see. It's perfectly situated amongst other tourist attractions in London.


3. Westminster Abbey

This great church is always in the conversation when you talk about England's coronation and weddings of their kings and queens as well as events of national significance. It's another striking example of Gothic Architecture and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tip: You can put this great abbey along with your visit to Big Ben as they're adjacent to each other. You can set yourself up across the River Thames for a good view of this magnificent structure and capture Big Ben along with it.

If you intend to get inside the church, we suggest that you purchase your ticket in advance and with a 'skip-the-line' option as this place always attracts a crowd. Check the mass times too as entry may not be allowed during these times. 


4. London Eye

Another London classic attraction and has been a popular tourist attraction for a decade. It's conveniently located along the River Thames together with London's other must-see sites.

Tip: You won't run out of options for taking a good photo of the London Eye but you may have to consider the weather to begin with. You may also opt to go for the ride and get a good glimpse of the city and River Thames from above.


5. The Shard

A modern day skyscraper, The Shard is considered as the tallest building structure in Western Europe.

It has a view deck which is a perfect vantage point allowing the general public to enjoy the sweeping views of the London skyline.

Tip: Book your tickets in advance and consider mid-afternoon to early evening times so you can capture the city's skyline along with the sunset.

There's also an open air viewing platform which further allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of London. 


6. Hyde Park

It's a huge park in the middle of London and a perfect place to relax from the hustle and bustle in the city.

Tip: Consider this place if you're after some peace and quiet time after going around London. It's a nice area to have picnics and is well maintained and clean. Perhaps consider some leisurely walk too and admire the beautiful gardens, lakes and animals that lurk around it.