Top 5 things to do in Lucerne

Switzerland's nice little city sandwiched by beautiful snow-capped mountains and the serene Lucerne Lake...

1. Pay a visit to the Dying Lion Monument

One of the most visited monuments in Lucerne commemorating the Swiss guards who died protecting the King of France during the French Revolution. It's a timeless work of art and its impact is so great that American author Mark Twain once described it as the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world.

Tip: It's a short stroll from the city centre. It's free and definitely worth dropping by for a photo. The monument is well-detailed and upon learning its history, you will understand its connection not only to Lucerne but to the entire country.


2. Take the cable car to the summit of Mt. Stanserhorn

Mt. Stanserhorn is 15-20 minutes away from Lucerne. Getting there combines a vintage train ride and a cable car ride to the mountain peak.

Tip: This travel experience ranks high in our list as you get to see the countryside and at the same time be amazed by the spectacular view nature has to offer while on the cable car.

You'll be greeted with snow-capped mountains at the top and will be literally standing over the clouds depending on the weather. And it just a breath of fresh air!

It might be chilly during the winter season so ensure that you have comfortable warm clothes as well as walking shoes. There's a view deck once you reach the end of the cable ride but we suggest you continue your climb to the mountain peak for more panoramic views.

Bring some snacks too to make sure you don't come out empty after going thru the walking trail. Lastly, check the weather before going up the summit to make sure you will get the best views.


3. Chapel Bridge

It is Lucerne's iconic and beautiful bridge perfectly situated in the city centre. It is highly regarded as one of the oldest wooden bridge in all of Europe.

Tip: A leisurely walk along the bridge that spans River Reuss can be planned as you're winding up your day. You'll be treated with a backdrop of amazing views including the Water Tower as well as paintings depicting the city's history.


4. Cruise along Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne ranks as one of Switzerlands' most popular lakes. The pristine waters and snow-capped mountains offer a picture-perfect postcard view.

Tip: The lake is just a symbol of serenity and peace. There's no better way exploring the lake other than taking this relaxing cruise. There are quite a few options on the boat or ferry to hop on.

Ensure that you choose one which offers spacious indoor and outdoor seatings. We also suggest that you consider the weather forecast when planning this activity. 


5. Visit the countryside and explore Swiss farming

About 26 min ride south of Lucerne is a town called Giswil, known for its farm houses and hamlets. This one was included as part of our tour itinerary where our travel company had booked for us to visit one of the local's farm house.

View of a garden infront of a farm house

By any chance and means, we recommend visiting the country-side to see how humbling and quiet the lives can be of the people living in Switzerland.